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Rising in Africa

Addressing the rising inflation in Africa while supporting economic growth and cushioning the vulnerable against economic shocks requires an urgent but careful approach.

  • Multiple shocks have gripped a world economy already ravaged by the pandemic.
  • Sub-Saharan Africa has been facing one of the most difficult economic circumstances recently, with the pandemic’s delayed recovery, soaring energy and food prices, and increased public debt levels.
  • Central banks have already started raising interest rates in response to rising inflation in Africa, capital outflows, and currency devaluation caused by tighter monetary policy in industrialized countries.

A gloomy and an uncertain global economic outlook

Gloomy signs of progress in 2022 highlight a tentative global economic recovery in 2021 as risks started to manifest. Global production fell in the second quarter due to slowdowns in Russia and China. The United States (US) consumer spending also fell short of expectations.

Multiple shocks have gripped a world economy …