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  • Worsening demonstration force Sudan PM to resign
  • Oil control at the heart of worsening conflict in Sudan
  • Can the international community end the violence in Sudan?

Weeks of demonstration and 5 months into an attempted military coupe Sudan’s Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok has given in and walked out of office, leaving the country under complete military rule.

Sudan’s capital Khartoum has been under siege, first from the military invasion that robbed the country of the coveted civilian democratic rule. Then the demonstrators took to the streets, thousands upon thousands.

For weeks on end now “power to the people” they chanted, demanding an end to the proposed shared government. In the grim scenario, the military forces responded aggressively, leaving at least two dead in the latest clashes.

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Even with the fatalities, the demonstrators got what they wanted, in part at least. The accused …

With a view to nation-building and inclusive growth, South Sudan is seeking investment in hydrocarbon exploration, infrastructure development and power generation capacity, with opportunities to be showcased at the upcoming South Sudan Oil & Power 2021 Conference & Exhibition in June.

South Sudan represents one of the fastest-growing frontier markets on the continent, driven by a renewed transitional government with a commitment to economic growth, infrastructure development and an oil revival. Led by H.E. President Salva Kiir, the newly formed unity government is prioritizing infrastructural development and exploration activities, with a view to rebuilding the nation, improving the standard of living and driving associated job and economic opportunities. With a critical infrastructure deficit and growing demand for alternative power generation solutions, South Sudan is characterized by its unique opportunity to build the domestic energy sector – and country – from the ground up.

South Sudan is currently the only commercial …