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  • The firm launched in February 2021 in Nairobi and has reported significant growth over the past year
  • Challenges including unpredictable prices of farm produce and a lack of working capital often plague small restaurants and food vendors across the continent
  • The startup aims to make it convenient for local restaurants and food vendors to easily restock and ensure smooth continuity of operations

Finding stock for a restaurant can prove a daunting challenge at times, especially given how unpredictable the market for fresh produce can be. 

This is a challenge faced by many restaurants not only globally but in Africa as well. 

Not too long ago KFC in Kenya said it was unable to offer fries (chips) as the global fast-food chain was unable to import its preferred pre-sliced potatoes from Egypt.

This led to a public outcry across the East African nation as consumers could not fathom how the restaurant

  • At least 90% of sales in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa happens through informal channels such as markets, kiosks, table top-sellers and street hawkers, according to PWC
  • New business-to-business e-commerce startups are emerging across Africa, working tirelessly to make it easier for informal retailers to access goods from distributors and suppliers
  • In African e-commerce, recent developments have been making the case for B2B being the key to unlocking Africa’s e-commerce potential

Africa’s average household consumption has been on the rise, growing even faster than its gross domestic product (GDP) in recent years. 

This has largely been driven by the increasing affluence, population growth, urbanization rates, and rapid spread of access to the internet and mobile phones in Africa presenting a myriad of opportunities for expansion in retail and distribution.

Retail spending in Africa is estimated at more than US$1.4 trillion by the Economist Intelligence Unit. Most of it happens in