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In a few months, COVID-19 has disrupted our lives, and we are yet to grasp the full extent of it. While the pandemic is global, it exposes current inequalities in Africa: the biggest impact will be on the most fragile countries – as well as on the impoverished, the uninsured, and the information-poor. Beyond the number of infections, deaths, jobs lost and the hit on national economies, COVID-19 will trigger a surge in extreme poverty on the African continent. Various studies have already predicted that an additional 12 million Africans will be pushed below the threshold of living with an income of less than USD 1.9 per day.

While it is easy to dwell on the challenges faced in an unexpected year like 2020, true entrepreneurs have a natural gift to focus on solutions, take action and find a silver lining to the crisis. Specifically, social entrepreneurs have a vital …

Kenya is no doubt the cradle of technological innovation in Africa and one of the most innovative countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

As such, Boehringer Ingelheim, is targeting Nairobi with its Making More Health (MMH) Accelerator to enhance start-up business models and identify opportunities for strategic collaboration to improve human and animal health.

In August, the German company brought together leaders from around the globe for “an exchange to promote co-creation”.

Promising start-ups from Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria

For the event, social entrepreneurs from Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria participated as did the non-profit organization Ashoka.

The social entrepreneurs shared new and innovative ideas for improving access to animal and human healthcare for underserved populations in Africa.

Coming at an interesting time when ideas and implementation are taking a more African approach, the interest by the big pharma in Africa could be a new turning point for the continent. Is it the …