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Art Master Africa is an annual competition that is open to talent across the Middle East and Africa (MEA). The competition debuted in 2017 in South Africa. Following its success, Art Master Africa expanded into the African region in 2019 and into the Middle East in 2021.  

Artists can enter the competition by submitting up to three original artworks of what Celebrating Africa means to them at Submissions will be reviewed and shortlisted by a panel of judges including artists, art professors, art collectors, and winners from the 2019 and 2021 competitions – Gayi Eric and Oscar Ukonu. The submission phase will run until August 31, 2022. Once the judging phase is completed in September, winners will be announced and celebrated.  

Commenting on the occasion, Peter Van den Broeck, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Middle East and Africa at BIC, said: “Art Master Africa speaks to our Company’s belief in the importance and power of creativity. This competition continues to positively impact talent across the region by encouraging self-expression. We look forward to seeing how our theme is interpreted and encourage creatives of all ages to pick up a pen and set their imaginations free.”