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  • The letter from Rubis Energy Limited calling out Gulf Energy on illegal importation appeared tactical as the company had acquired Gulf Energy in 2019.
  • Oil marketers say the illegal importation might see other marketers run out of stock leading to increased fuel prices.
  • OMAK wants the Petroleum and Mining ministry, EPRA and the Kenya Pipeline Company to direct all Oil Marketing Companies using their standard ullage formula to share the super petrol.

The Kenyan government has accused Rubis Energy Limited, an oil marketing company, of seeking to create an artificial petrol shortage.

Controversy over petrol importation

The controversy over the “illegal” importation of 30,000 tonnes of petrol into the country in December last year has gone through the ceiling.

The CEO of Rubis Energy, Christian Bergeron, wrote a letter to the Petroleum Ministry and the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) raising concerns over what they termed as illegal importation …