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By: Ambassador Omar Arouna, MBA  

On August 30th in a speech before the Business community at the MEDEF annual gathering in France, and in the presence of President Emmanuel Macron, Patrice Talon declared, “democracy can lead to anarchy and paralyze government decisions… and I don’t intend to implement it fully”.

The latest declaration by Benin president should be taken seriously because back home, he has already started manoeuvring to change the country’s laws enabling him to remain indefinitely in power.

In January 2023, Benin is once again holding a legislative election. The fourth election since Talon became president. The last three elections left (using the words of late Nigerian artist Fela Kuti) “tears, sorrow and blood” in Benin.

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The opposition was excluded, the army shot protesters in the post-electoral uprise, and according to Amnesty, at least 5 people were …