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Alcoholic drinks are among the most counterfeited goods in Kenya coming only second to mobile phones.

Kenya’s porous borders are largely to blame for this problem which is risking the lives of innocent consumers who may suffer the side effects of the counterfeited products.

In October 2016, Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) launched Tusker Premium Cider, targeting the country’s middle class.

KBL hailed this as the first cider to be produced in the country marking the Tusker brand expansion which includes Tusker Lite, Tusker Lager and Tusker Malt.

And in May 2019, KWAL launched a new production line for the local manufacture of ciders in the company premises on Enterprise road.

Kenya’s shifting trends on alcohol consumption

This, according to KWAL followed Kenya’s shifting trends in 2018 on alcohol consumption influenced by a huge move to cider preference.

Kenyans consumed an estimated 9 million litres of ciders in 2018 causing an …