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Africa must look to improve and transform its agricultural practices to increase food production for food security and economic growth [Photo/Silvapinto]

The agricultural transformation in Sierra Leone has demonstrated that delivery changes in traditional sectors may significantly impact food production in Africa when implemented effectively and under the appropriate circumstances.

  • Every African nation must assume ultimate responsibility for its food production to protect its population’s well-being when global markets fail.
  • While no simple solutions exist to the present food security crisis in Africa, one potentially game-changing possibility lies in rethinking our agricultural approach.
  • Agriculture ministries can lead the transition process, supported by sector agencies and departments.

The dramatic surge in food prices must inspire the search for solutions

The dramatic surge in food prices in recent months has been a significant setback for Africa’s food security. Food prices have forced many Africans into financial difficulty when many families still struggle to recover from the economic aftershocks of the Covid-19 outbreak.

The current conflict in Ukraine is the primary driver of the …

  • Agriculture employs a considerable proportion of the African population and contributes a sizable portion of the continent's GDP
  • In a study issued in February 2022, the Global Hunger Initiative stated that 45 million people in 43 African nations risked starvation
  • Food availability has long been recognized as a crucial factor in achieving long-term economic success

"Economic growth is only sustainable if all nations have food security," says Maximo Torero of the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). He states, "Without a country-owned and led food security policy, global, regional, and national economic growth would face challenges and additional expenses."

Food availability has long been recognized as a crucial factor in achieving long-term economic success. Food is also seen as essential to the emotional and physical well-being of people in any community. As a result, any food-insecure society is likely to suffer major human capital issues and, as a result, growth…