Dubai: African SMEs to reap big from AIM 2022

  • AIM is directing more energy towards empowering small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as they constitute the majority of businesses globally
  • Small and Medium Enterprises are also critically important for driving global economic growth and achieving global Sustainable Development Goals
  • With the vision of AIM 2022 to better the global economy, it dictates that they will have something on the table for SMEs as the engines of the economy of emerging and developed markets

The Annual Investment Meeting (AIM 2022) has been a platform geared towards bettering the economic and social outlook of the world since the first day of its launch.

Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, AIM believes that they have the strategy and the data to sustain the development progress already displayed, especially through the empowerment of Small and Medium Enterprises.

AIM is directing more energy towards empowering SMEs as they constitute the majority of businesses globally. In Africa, SMEs are the majority employers-outstripping governments and many blue-chip companies.

AIM also believes that the global investment gap has widened throughout the Coronavirus pandemic and might continue Post-Covid.

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Many investors are getting more and more cautious about the stability of business environments and the risks that come with them.

Small and Medium enterprises are now poised to play a crucial role in stabilizing and fixing the global economy. SMEs substantially outnumber big shareholding companies and create more job opportunities. They are inherently entrepreneurial, substantially contributing to the shaping of innovation globally.

All the creators and participants of the Annual Investment Meeting agree that SMEs are the centre and the life of emerging and developed economies. Small and Medium Enterprises are also critically important for driving global economic growth and achieving global Sustainable Development Goals.

With the vision of AIM 2022 to better the global economy, it dictates that they will have something on the table for SMEs as the engines of the economy of emerging and developed markets.

Small and Medium Enterprises to largely benefit from the Annual Investment Meeting. [Photo/AfricaBusiness]
What is Annual Investment Meeting offering to Small and Medium Enterprises?

AIM believes that SMEs need three pillars to make progress, thrive, and contribute to fixing the global economy, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, the most significant economic hit in a century!

  • SMEs need to attract investors to provide seed funding for their innovations.
  • Scalability- SMEs should grow without being restricted by their structure or the available resources when faced with a production increase.
  • Optimization- SMEs need to improve their efficiency, performance and productivity.

The Annual Investment Meeting offers information and empowerment in all three pillars providing a brighter and clearer landscape for Small and Medium Enterprises.

AIM 2022 is gearing up for catering the needs of all SMEs globally, providing them with a wide range of benefits, including:

  • AIM 2022 provides a golden opportunity for SMEs to grow and expand their businesses through interaction with investors from all over the world.
  • The Annual Investment Meeting equips business people with the practical tools they need to internationalize their companies.
  • The meeting will broaden its networks through interacting with over 15,000 participants from 130 countries. Owners of enterprises will intermingle with global industry experts across all sectors and connect with key market players from diverse entrepreneurial ecosystems who are attending the EXPO 2020 Dubai.
  • Businesses will present their value products, and potential international buyers will attend the EXPO 2020 Dubai.
  • SMEs will learn about the latest trends in international trade and investment for exports.

Why SMEs must attend AIM.

AIM 2022 comprises a broad array of features and activities that give real value to the owners and collaborators of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises interested in internationalization and digitalization, National SME Councils & Programs, SME Financing Institutions, managers & public servants in charge of promoting entrepreneur support and foreign trade, as well as directors and members of Chambers & Federations of Commerce across the globe.

Why SMEs should attend Aim 2022, EXPO 2020 Dubai. [Photo/CGTN]
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Activities in the AIM SME Workshop

AIM Pre-Conference Workshop and Seminar. At the AIM SME Workshop, participants will significantly benefit from the professional coaching sessions conducted by industry leaders from across the world.

At the pre-conference Seminar entitled “How to Do Business in the UAE”, several important topics will be discussed, including The UAE: History and Culture – Exporting Process to the UAE – Product and Price Analysis – Catalogue & Sales Pitch – The Halal Certification.

Additionally, SMEs will have the opportunity to engage in, and benefit from, various B2B meetings with potential buyers and meetings with UAE Free Zone in the pre-conference period.

  1. AIM 2022 Conference

In general, the AIM Conference is a perfect platform where brilliant ideas, best practices, and ideal business-friendly policies are shared with SMEs and other participants.

  1. AIM 2022 Exhibition

SMEs will gather under one roof with the high-ranking officials of countries, smart city solution providers, startup companies, and investors at an exhibition that aims to give real value to SMEs and achieve economic growth for countries and regions.

  1. Made in Series 

This feature is open to all SMEs who wish to showcase their local products and services to an international platform. Local and international SMEs will have a chance to highlight their industry projects, products, and services – to promote the value of their companies and achieve economic growth for their respective countries and regions.

  1. B2B, G2B, & G2G Meetings.

Owners of SMEs will be utilizing these high-level meetings, held in a secured environment, to do business and strike money-spinning deals.

  1. Exclusive breakfast, lunch, and dinner – high-level networking lunch – gala dinner.

The last event to close the AIM meeting, businesses will have incredible opportunities for SMEs to meet, network, and build relations.

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