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East Africa capital made the blueprint of smart cities in Africa

Inmarsat hopes to use the Rwandan city as a blueprint for smart cities deployments throughout Africa.

The concept of smart city is taking over like a storm as a catalyst for regions to achieve their long term visions by cutting down the objectives and goals bit by bit.

Inmarsat, a satellite communications firm has collaborated with Actility to lay LoRaWAN infrastructure in the capital of East Africa state Rwanda.
LoRaWAN – or long range wide area network – is a low powered, wide area network (LPWAN) solution seen as a key development in the internet of things (IoT).

The Actility solution deployed by Inmarsat will make up part of a project to turn the Rwandan capital city into a smart city, and will operate initially for a year, providing connectivity for IoT solutions.

Potential applications include transport, utilities, health, and education solutions.

The project will also see Inmarsat, along with partners including Actility and Jersey Telecom; deploy a number of proofs of concepts and demonstrations around Kigali.

Paul Gudonis, President, Inmarsat Enterprise, elaborated on the significance of the smart city initiative: “Whilst many commentators have enthused about the possibilities of the IoT for the urban environment, from increasing utility usage efficiency to enabling a smooth network of autonomous cars, the reality is that it is still relatively untested and in its infancy.

“Kigali is taking the lead with its smart city project, creating an IoT ecosystem where both private and government organisations can experiment with this technology in a vibrant and lively city.

The project will therefore begin to take the potential of this exciting technology beyond futurist visions and into a real-world scenario and we look forward to seeing the creativity of Kigali’s many entrepreneurs, students, and businesses unleashed on the IoT network.” The project will make up part of the “Transform Africa Summit”.

Inmarsat hopes to use the Rwandan city as a blueprint for smart cities deployments throughout Africa.

Actility, an IoT solutions company, said that IoT can help to transform cities, industries, and agriculture. Actility CEO Mike Mulica: “We think IoT can change people’s lives for the better and nowhere more so than here in Africa. We’ve come here to learn, and are proud to support this initial network rollout as the foundation on which smart cities across Africa will be able to build better futures for their citizens.”

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