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To celebrate this year’s Day of the African Child, the NGO, Kitamu Africa is conducting a campaign to raise funds for a water project that will benefit over 50 orphans at the Canaan Children Home in Arusha, Tanzania.Canaan Children's Centre: Mawasiliano yetu

The children’s center was set up and registered in 2013 by the archdiocese of KKKT (Catholic Church) to help vulnerable orphans that lost their parents to Aids and who were also unfortunately born with the virus.

“Out of the 51 children at the center, 25 of the children are living with HIV,” details Dr. Alex Lengeju, the Director of Canaan Children Home.

The orphanage is facing several challenges including shortage of clothes, textbooks, school bags and cooking oil among other necessities, “…but the biggest challenge we have around here is water especially during this Covid pandemic we require much more water for sanitation,” the Director emphasized.

He explained that engineers have surveyed the area and solving the water problem requires them to draw water 2.5 Km away from the orphanage where the main pipeline is located.

“The total cost of procuring the infrastructure and manpower needed to undergo this water project is estimated at 4 300 USD (10 Million Tshs),” the Director summed up.



Stepping Up To The Challenge

June 16th marks the global celebration of the Day of the African Child. The day has been honoured every year since 1991 and was initiated by the African Union. It commemorates and acknowledges the Soweto massacre in South Africa, in which children lost their lives while marching to demand their basic rights, on this day in 1976.

“In honouring this day, we as a brand have decided to join the World in celebrating African children and addressing issues facing them,” noted Leah Assenga, Director of Kitamu Africa.

“This year we intend to help raise funds for 51 African children staying at the Canaan orphanage center in Kisongo, Arusha,” she said.

The Director went on to point out that these children are in desperate need of water for their daily consumption and for the vegetable garden that provides the children with the essential greens to keep them healthy.

“The children also have a few livestock which help them get meat and milk that is vital for their health and to meet their daily nutritional needs.We aim to leave a mark by helping the children get the most essential human need, water…” she said.

Chipping in Brother Petro, one of the supervisors at the Center said “…at the moment, we depend on rainwater collected in a well, and alternatively we have to buy water from water bowers which are very expensive and not sustainable for the 51 children and 8 staff members at the center.”


How To Support The Orphanage Water Project

To raise the needed funds, the NGO Kitamu Africa has launched the ‘Mtoto wa Africa 2021 campaign.’ You can support this initiative to provide water for the orphans living with HIV at the center by donating to the orphanage directly (see details below).

As part of your corporate social responsibility, companies are also encouraged to participate, by donating 430 USD (1 million Tsh), you will become an official sponsor of the campaign and any donation above 800 USD (2 million Tsh) makes you a main sponsor.

“As a sponsor, your Brand/ Company logo will be placed on the commemoration plaque at the end of the project,” said Mr. Idris Jaffary, Marketing and Brand Manager for Kitamu Africa.

“We warmly welcome everyone that is touched to join hands with us in helping the Canaan children’s center solve the water crisis,” he added.

“We need your help, the children of Canaan need your help. Water is essential to everyone. We kindly ask for your support, donations of any amount will be much appreciated,” he implored.

Donate to the orphanage:

ACCOUNT: A/C Go Life Jubilee Canaan Children’s Centre NBC

ACCOUNT Number: 014103019740.

MPESA CODE: 369988.

AIRTEL CODE: 474747.

TIGO PESA: 0710 731 027.

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