Tourism and Wildlife

The agency also asked people to stay away from the missing monkeys and immediately call 911 whenever they saw any of them.

Animal rights activists in the US heavily criticized the crash. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and an animal rights group contacted Kenya Airways chief executive, Allan Kilavuka, and the chairman, Michael Joseph, showing dissatisfaction over the treatment of monkeys.

PETA prompted KQ to reconsider subjecting the monkeys to long flights and immediately taking them to laboratories for experiments because that could cause them torture and even lead to their death.

Rwanda has gone a step further and promoted its tourism attractions on the world stage, through sports via its ‘Visit Rwanda’ tagline on England’s Premium League football clubs. 

The EAC core objectives compel the countries to bring collective efforts to promote their industry and share benefits as they come. So far, the EAC treaty (under Article 115) has shown partner states can undertake and develop collective and coordinated approach to the promotion and marketing of quality tourism into and within the community (EAC). 

Hence, the entire concept of coordinating policies in the tourism industry to establish a framework of cooperation is vital, as it will promote the equitable manner of benefit-sharing.