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Bitter business following Kenya’s amendments in packaging

Vendors are finding it difficult to cope up with the new policies as they demand more than before while they get no financial benefit from the changes

East Africa country Kenya is making adjustments following the appeal to get rid of plastic bags that has been effective for days now. The change has been received with hustles and tussles as many vendors have decried the issues of plastic bags have made their businesses get more complicated than before.

In Ruaka, Nairobi a number of vendors have shut down their businesses arguing out that they cannot afford alternative packaging means for their products. Some say, they would have to dig deeper into their pockets and double their bargaining power in order to purchase alternative packaging means for their produce.

Speaking to The Exchange, Mama Bryson, whose businesses has been blooming from the beginning of the year said, “I now have to buy cartons and boxes to package my grocery which is two times expensive than what I used to use before. This conundrum has forced us (vendors) to increase the prices of our products to cater for the money that we use to buy these cartons and boxes.”

The competition has been high since then as some opt to change their businesses while others get out of the kitchen and shut their shops. The political atmosphere as well has played a huge part in bringing changes that have changed the economic environment. A number of people remain adamant to believe that after the re-elections, things will only get worse if not remain the same.

Plastic bags have been the cheapest means for packaging goods but their lifeline not cut short has made businesses have a huge problem in searching for alternatives without incurring extra cost that affect their enterprises profusely. Customers, however, on the other hand are slowly but gradually embracing the changes and though they too have to buy the new bags, they murmur at how life is becoming expensive by the day.

Most supermarkets require that you buy the new bags or cartons for your stuff as they cannot afford to give them out freely to manage their financial budget and somewhat add extra coins to their financial docket.

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