Start-up ideas in Africa for 2022


Africa is a land of opportunity, and over the past few years, many young entrepreneurs and investors have become millionaires by starting businesses and investing in lucrative sectors. This year is no different, and there are several startup ideas in Africa that have the potential to make even more millionaires in the coming years.

In this article, we will share with you some of the top startup ideas that are making millionaires in Africa. These startup ideas include agribusiness, healthcare, tourism, and technology startups.

Mobile Payments and Fintech

Some of the top innovations in Africa include mobile payments, e-commerce, agribusiness, health care, and tourism. These businesses are thriving because of the continent’s growing economy and burgeoning middle class. In addition, they are benefiting from innovative technologies that are making it easier for people to do business across borders.

Mobile payments is one of the most exciting startup ideas in Africa right now. This sector is booming because of the rising smartphone penetration in the continent. Africans are using their mobile phones to make payments for goods, services, and investments.

One startup that is revolutionizing this sector is Kuda, a mobile money transfer platform that is available on smartphones or feature phones. It has partnered with financial institutions to provide fast, easy payment systems for retail stores, banks, e-commerce sites, merchants, and other businesses across Africa.

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E-Commerce in Africa

E-commerce startup ideas in Africa are another profitable business idea because of the growing middle class and increasing internet penetration on the continent. One startup that has succeeded in the e-commerce industry is Jumia Travel. The company began as an air ticket consolidator but then expanded into hotel reservations and package deals.

Now it has become the most successful startup in Africa with over one million visitors per month. Jumia Travel can thank its success to technology that is making cross-border e-commerce easier. Its platform uses innovative technology that enables companies to sell their products and services online across borders.

Agribusiness and Farming

Another startup idea in Africa that is thriving involves agribusiness, which will help the continent achieve food security by 2030. The startup sector offers many opportunities for startup entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators who are looking for ways to support sustainable agricultural innovation on the continent. One startup that is doing this is AgroCognitive Technologies (ACT). It was founded by Dr. Njuguna Gitau of Kenyatta University, Kenya.

ACT uses analytics and the internet of things (IoT) to provide valuable information that can help farmers increase their yields and save money. The startup’s technology provides valuable insight into crop health, soil conditions, and pest infestation. This startup is a great example of how innovative technology is making agribusiness startup ideas in Africa more profitable and efficient.


The startup sector also offers many opportunities for young people who want to get involved in the business of healthcare on the continent. They have several startup ideas from which to choose, including mobile clinics, home diagnostic kits, telemedicine platforms, insurance companies, pharmacies for ART drugs, or medical tourism startup ideas.

One startup idea that has been very successful in the healthcare sector is i medical. The startup was founded by two young entrepreneurs, Chinedu and Obi, who met at a hackathon in Lagos, Nigeria. They developed a mobile app that allows people to get medical advice from certified doctors online.

The startup has been successful because it provides an affordable and convenient way for people to get medical advice without having to go to a hospital or clinic. It has also partnered with several large hospitals in Nigeria to provide telemedicine services.

Tourism and Travel-tech

The last startup idea that is worth mentioning is tourism startup ideas in Africa. The continent has many tourist destinations that are waiting to be explored. Some of these destinations are well known, while others are still undiscovered. startup entrepreneurs can exploit this opportunity by starting a tourism startup that provides information about these destinations, tour packages, and hotel reservations.

One startup that is doing this is TripAfrica. It is a startup that was founded in 2016 by two entrepreneurs, Aziz and Ayaan. The startup provides valuable information about African destinations to tourists. It also offers tour packages and hotel reservations for its customers.

The startup has been successful because it provides an affordable and convenient way for people to explore Africa’s many tourist destinations. It has also partnered with several major airlines and hotels in Africa to provide its services.

These are just some of the many startup ideas that are thriving in Africa. So if you are looking for a profitable business idea that will make you a millionaire in 2022, then Africa is the place to be. Just make sure that you choose a startup idea that is relevant to the continent and its people.

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